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The New Approach

One of the things that makes Coppola² Studio so different, and ultimately successful, is that our approach to acting is based on our unique philosophy developed by John Coppola and Michael Sonntag called The New Approach. Pioneered at Coppola² Studio ( formerly Studio C Artists`) this process is an innovative way to look at the craft of acting, that empowers each actor according to his or her individual talent, assets, and personality. Rather than rely on more traditional and often outdated ways to work on a role, this new method allows the student to work in a manner that is useful for the jobs being booked in Hollywood today.

This methodology encourages actors to do more than become the role – it’s about what happens to the role, when they bring their complete selves – without any hindrances – to the work. The New Approach allows the students to work from the outside in, pulling from the well of their personality and life experiences to accurately portray the human condition in any role they perform. To achieve this deep self-awareness, students explore their inner “archetypes” and perform other exercises, which when applied to the craft of acting helps bring their auditions, performances, & career to a whole new level.

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