My experience at Studio C was a great one — I went in looking for something more effective in an acting class, having taken so many that had only one thing to really offer – scene study. The exercises and more importantly the feedback from John on them , were incredibly honest, not fancy, not technical, no actor speak, just honest. A whiner is called a whiner , a drama queen is called out and a true moment – a true performance is recognized… I also saw that people who never worked went on to work regularly – as series regulars, on commercial and guest spots. I am always seeing people from class on TV and most of them were not working actors prior to Studio C – so that impresses me, be effective is what an acting class needs to be and this one is.

Brigid Brannagh – Actress (Army Wives, Over There, Angel, Kindred: The Embraced)

Studio C shattered my own personal Glass Ceiling. I had been “working” but the people and the lessons of Studio C were the force that finally brought me confidently into my full stride. I am deeply indebted to Johnny, and my fellow Studio C alumns.

Lee Abbott – Producer, Director, Actor, Writer (National Lampoon’s Totally Baked, Renovate My Family)

In a very competitive field, which has its share of under-qualified participants, you both are an oasis for the talent that elects to share in the journey to which you’ve invited them. Your understanding of the need to convey practical knowledge that results in work, coupled with your unique style of teaching the craft of acting, is the “best deal in town”. To boot, your new program of offering your students the opportunity to participate in short films is, in and of itself, a reason to be a member of the Studio C family. By offering them an opportunity to showcase their talent in a tangible format, you offer them a tremendous advantage in the furtherance of their careers. Congratulations on putting the pieces together so cogently, and effectuating your plan so efficiently and successfully.

Gregory Cascante – Producer (9 1/2 Weeks, True Romance, The Whole Wide World)

Studio C was featured in an article in Back Stage West in 2008 as well.

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